It's true that EU's popularity has dropped since the economic crisis began in 2008, but the majority of Europeans are rational about it and know that on long-term, united is the only way to go in this era of globalization.

As seen on this graphic, the majority of citizens in all member states, except UK, believe their country is better off within the EU.

It's even more remarcable considering the huge amounts of misinformation and propaganda coming from the ultranationalist, far-right parties across Europe. Here are some of the most famous (and embarrassing) fake "stories" about EU:
- EU is the German third Reich.
- EU will implement a law so all new borns will have a chip implanted for surveilance.
- EU wants to destroy the local producers because it's corrupted by the big corporations.
- EU is the new USSR.
- EU is communist.
- EU wants to destroy Christianity and the traditional family values.
- Because of EU's openness, we will have sharia law implemented all over Europe in the next few decades.

Funny, isn't it?