Anna Wilson

The European Migrant Crisis has led to a heated social debate and significant tensions at Europe's borders. It has revealed a lack of unity in many respects in the European Union and imperfections in the European system of shared responsibility.

At the same time however, this crisis has provided us with great examples of humanity, empathy and compassion.

European citizens have been organising many different initiatives to show their solidarity and to help the asylum seekers in practical ways.

At the forefront of the efforts in Austria is a young British student, currently on an Erasmus student exchange programme at Universität Wien.

Anna Wilson is very socially conscious young European, having volunteered at top political programmes of the BBC, as an assistant to a Member of the Parliament, as a Communications Officer for the Young European Movement UK and as a Writer for OneEurope.

Soon after arriving in Austria this year, she also started volunteering at the centre for support of asylum seekers at Vienna’s Westbahnhof train station.

The below images were taken by Anna, and this is what she saw:

"People arrived in droves to do what they could for those in need.

Max, a student volunteering in Vienna told me he had been working 16-hour shifts for over a week with Caritas, the aid agency to distribute locals’ donations to the estimated 6,000 refugees who passed through the station daily.

Another volunteer, Stephen had come to Austria on holiday when the crisis struck. He gave up his time to help coordinate efforts to ensure the migrants’ time as they passed through was as safe and comfortable as possible." 

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