Agence France-Press

The European Parliament Elections 2014, which took place on May 25, is still one of the most discussed issues. Apart from the surprising outcome like the triumph of right-wing parties in France and Danemark, the elections demonstrated a very low turnout of the voters in several EU member countries.

Agence France-Press designed the infographic, which shows the index of non-voters in every country of the European Union. As you can see, the highest percentage of non-voters was observed in the new member countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The leading positions belong to Slovakia (87%), Czech Republic (80,5%) and Slovenia (79%)

Obviously, European policy is not a field of interest for Central and Eastern Europeans. What are the possible reasons of it? The lack of trust to European institutions? Disappointment in European idea? Or the people still cannot identify themselves as Europeans?

What could be done in order to increase the turnout of the voters at the next European Parliament elections? Share your ideas with OneEurope!