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The European Medical Corps is an initiative set up by EU due to the fact that by time mobility, public health experts and teams should work together and get ready for the medical care problems that are inside and outside of Europe. 

"The aim of the European Medical Corps is to create a much faster and more efficient EU response to health crises when they occur. We need to learn the lessons from the Ebola response; a key difficulty was mobilising medical teams. I thank all the Member States that have already contributed so far, and encourage others to join so the EU's response will be able to meet increasing needs and will allow for better planning and preparation before any disaster," said Commissioner Christos Stylianides who is hosting today's high-level inauguration event in Brussels. 

Emergency medical teams, public health and medical coordination experts, mobile biosafety laboratories, medical evacuation planes and logistical support teams are included in the Medical Corps area. 

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