The European Commission published recently the report Tackling the gender pay gap in the European Union, which shows in details that Europe still has a long way ahead to gender equality. Reducing gender pay gap is one of the EU highest priorities, and each country introduced various strategies of dealing with this issue. 

Check out the infographic* generated by a creative media News by Design based on the European Commission's report. It shows the percentage rate of gender pay gap as well as some of its causes and consequences. The question rises: why such well-doing European economies as Germany, Austria and the Great Britain have the higher rate than economically weaker countries like Italy, Slovenia and Poland? What can be a possible reason of it?

Please, feel free to comment on the infographic and share the experience of your country! What in your opinion would be an effective way to close the gender pay gap?

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*the numbers in red and yellow on the right side of the image should be <10% and >20% (editor's note)