www.scienceogram.org The Rosetta Mission of the European Space Agency and its costs.

This week we witnessed a true historical event: the Rosetta mission made it to the surface of a comet for the first time in human history! The project was launched in 1996 by the European Space Agency and despite criticism, it resulted in success. 

However, many sceptics pointed out that it is not wise to spend funds on space research when numerous European countries are severely hit by an economic crisis. The team of The Scienceogram - the project that calculates investments in science in Europe, responded to this accusation. Recently Scienceogram published this infographic which shows how much every European invested in the Rosetta mission starting from the 1996. The results are pretty astonishing - 3.50€ pro person! In comparison a movie ticket to Interstellar in the UK costs 8.50€

In your opinion does the European Union invest enough in science? 

Or it would be more efficient to focus on essential Earth problems rather than exploring space?

Can investment in science and engineering boost economic growth?

Your opinion is important! Let's discuss together!