Europe Day is a celebration of the unprecedented, continuous Peace and Unity achieved in Europe.

It marks the day on which French foreign minister Robert Schuman presented the "Schuman Declaration" in 1950. This was the first great political initiative, which ensured that war between Europe's greatest powers is no longer possible, and paved the way for a deep trade, economic and political union. The Declaration proposed the creation of a "European Coal and Steel Community", whose members would pool coal and steel production - key drivers of the military industry - in order to make war "not merely unthinkable, but materially impossible".

Despite the EU's admitted flaws, which we - the self-critical Europeans, are keen to always point out, the Union has ensured peace and unity between its member states for 64 years - an unprecedented achievement.

How are you celebrating? Are you attending any of the events, concerts, or exhibitions organized for Europe Day? Who do you think should win Eurovision?