Infographic revealing the share of foreigners in EU countries in 2012.

The highest number of foreigners in any EU state are in Germany – 7.4 million. However, per capita, Luxembourg is leading by far. 

This is due to it's central location between 3 major European countries, thanks to its stable economy, and also as a result of the arrival of thousands of asylum-seekers from former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.
As a result an amazing 43.8% of Luxembourg's population consists of foreigners!

At a distant second Cyprus has the second-highest share – 20%. Followed by Latvia and Estonia with a 16.3% and 15.7%

Nationalist parties in many European countries are fueling and feeding on a culture of fear towards immigrants, asylum seekers and other non-nationals. However, most of these countries have proportionately few foreigners.

What surprises you most about these statistics?

Do you think they are accurate?

How can we explain the phenomenon that countries with relatively few foreigners have the most popular anti-immigration parties?

This Infographic has been created by Statista (