Credit to European Commission

Did YOU Know that you are Protected by EU law when you are shopping in Europe?

How much do YOU know about Consumer Rights?

The same fair deal has to be provided to all consumers no matter where they shop in EU, on High Street or online.
Within the EU, you can by what you want and from where you want just because there are some Basic Consumer Rights like:

  • Transparency: full details, taxes, delivery charges
  • Quality: repaired & replaced, price reduction, complete refund of money
  • Contract terms & conditions: unfair contract laws
  • Safety: product safety standards
  • Price comparisons: best value for money, price per liter or unit

Online shoppers must take in consideration some basic rules due to the fact that it is easier and comfortable to shop from internet, but also dangerous.

Check every time on the website:

  • Trader's identity, geographical areas and telephone number
  • The products' characteristics
  • Delivery costs
  • The total price including taxes and all charges
  • Fees for the use of means of payment

Also, today we can find tips&advices for online shopping on blogs or forums, but the best deal will be done if you know your rights, shop smart and maintain your privacy.

Which way do you prefer: Online Shopping or High Street?

Did you have an unhappy experience? What did you do?