Future Timeline It is interesting to note in this graphic, that none of the energy comes from Russia.

Global Warming, and certain temperamental neighbours of Europe, are forcing us to be super-efficient and to diversify our our energy sources.

Continent-wide Supergrids are being planned, in order to most efficiently use and distribute energy resources.

These will allow sharing of power from abundant green sources to those regions most in need. By cooperating in this way, waste will be greatly reduced and power supplies across Europe will be optimized at all times of the year.

Winter Gales in the North Sea will provide a surplus of wind power, complemented by Summer Winds of Morocco and Egypt. Meanwhile, Solar Panels in Northern Africa generate 3 times more electricity in comparison with the same panels in Northern Europe. Up to 100 GW of power will be supplied from Africa to Europe in this way. Similar large-scale infrastructures will be in place throughout Asia, America and other parts of the world.

Long distance transmission technology will see major advances over the  coming decades. Every country is connected to the grid through high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission, rather than the traditional alternating current (AC) lines. This will create much greater efficiency, as DC lines have much lower electrical losses over large distances.

This is a theoretic map, of how the supergrid may look like in the coming decades.

How will this affect the politics in Europe? Do you think it will allow us to be more energetically independent?

How will it affect the economic system? And what about the environment?