There are different level of corruption across Europe
This report by the European Commission, shows how corruption is widespread in Europe, costing more than €120 billion every year.

The aim of this survey was to understand the real percentage of people that have been personally affected by corruption in daily life. The European Commission declared it was the first time it has done this kind of survey.

This poll revealed that 63% of people in both Spain and Greece and 57% of Cypriots agreed that they are affected by daily corruption, while the least corrupt countries in the European Union are Denmark, France and Germany.

In fact only 3% of Danes feel they are affected by corruption in daily life and this figure rises slightly to 6% in both France and Germany.

What do you think about this statistics?

Why corruption is so widespread in Europe?

Do you know how to explain the different level of corruption across Europe?

How is the real situation in your country? 

Have you ever personally affected by this issue?