The European Growth Strategy for Central Europe

The European Union's growth strategy is called Europe 2020. It consists of five objectives to be reached by the year 2020 so the EU economy can become more "smart, sustainable and inclusive".

These three priorities will help the EU and its Member States deliver high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion. The five EU objectives to be reached by 2020 relate to employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy.

For example, in Central Europe, which  includes 9 countries, 80 cities and approximately 148 million citizens, 124 co-financed projects delivered 231 million Euro in investments over the last decade. Today's infographic shows very interesting data on the investments and impact of this cooperation in the Central Europe. 

What do you think about the Europe 2020 objectives? 

Do you think they are reachable?

Will they make a significant enough difference?