Benjamin Hennig - Views of the World United in Diversity - Europe has moved from centuries of war to a decades of peace.

This gridded cartogram represents the spread of the population of the European Union, without the borders dividing it.

It has been created by Benjamin Hennig - A Geographer and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. He made this map on the occasion of  the EU winning the Nobel Peace Prize in order to show that: "The European Union is a project to unite the population of the continent peacefully in all its diversity." 

Observing Europe in this way reveals which regions have a high population density and which don't, which regions may need more labour, and how many aspects of life in European transcend borders. 

As Benjamin puts it:

"The map is as a reminder that here we really are all in this together regardless the place we live on the continent (and the islands surrounding it), instead of all against each other"

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Are you surprised by the population density in different regions?

Do you think this kind of cartogram gives a different view of the European Union?

Do you think more countries should join the EU?