40,000 Russian troops remain on Ukraine's borders, while more and more weapons and ammunition are making their way into eastern Ukraine.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted on live television that the militants in Crimea, which he previously claimed are self-organized local groups, have in fact always been Russian soldiers.

Meanwhile he also asserted that Russia had the “right” to send troops into eastern Ukraine, and furthermore threatened he will stop gas supplies to Europe.

At about the same time the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, promised to do everything possible to dis-arm the pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine, free all occupied buildings, and de-escalate the situation. However, only a few hours after Mr. Lavrov's statement, the Russian envoy to the EU said that his promise had been misinterpreted: "unfortunately they understood this incorrectly".
while more and more weapons, ammunitions and vast amounts of cash have been discovered by border police in Ukraine, carried by what they refer to as "mules".

Meanwhile the EU cut customs duties for Ukrainian exporters, approved large loans and other funds for Ukraine, and increased the level of sanctions towards Russia very slightly.

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