Energy initiatives in Europe

The maximum allowed input power will be reduced from 1600 Watt in 1 September 2014, to 900 Watt in September 2017. But the quality of the products will not suffer, quite the contrary. The European Commission (EC) has came up with a set of rules to make sure that the new products available in the stores (including online stores) will provide better qualities, while consuming less energy. 

The new set of minimum requirements available since 1 September 2014 cover: 

  • Power
  • Performance (ability to pick up dust)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Dust re-emission in the exhaust air (particularly important for people with asthma)
  • Noise level
  • Durability (no early failure of the hose or the motor) 

The new rules will save 19 terawatt-hour per year by 2020, which is the electricity produced by more than 4 power plants or consumed by 5.5 million households. 

What's your opinion about this kind of green, energy-saving initiatives?

What else can we do to tackle the energy security and independence problems of the EU on the long term?

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