Open Society Foundation Meet the Somalis helps Europeans understand the difficulties of refugees coming to Europe.

Immigration is a hot issue in Europe these days, as the conflicts in Africa and Middle East forced thousands of people to seek a shelter on the old continent. Even if Europe opens its doors and gives the refugees a chance for a secure living, many Europeans still don't accept their new fellow citizens as equal. The recent rise of the right-wing movements is a bitter proof of this fact. 

The graphic novel Meet the Somalis depicts the situation from the immigrants' perspective. The book is an initiative of the Open Society Foundation, aimed to improve the tolerance and welcoming culture in European society. 14 stories of Somali immigrants from seven European cities touch upon the issues of identity, social integration, discrimination, cultural dialogue, stereotypes and segregation. The book is available for free as a PDF here. Please, have a look and help spread the word!

Have you a ever faced the cases of ethnical discrimination in your country?

Do you feel that immigrants represent a threat for your country and society?

What measures should be taken to improve the integration of immigrants in Europe?

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