www.politicalbeauty.de How to remove the European border.

This weekend Germany and the whole of Europe are celebrating the 25th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall - an event which became a symbol of the European unity and democracy.

A Berlin based art group called Centre for Political Beauty  chose an extraordinary way to celebrate this occasion. On the 2nd of November the activists of the group which call themselves "aggressive humanists" and which support the rights of refugees in Europe, started a crowdfunding campaign called The Fall of the European Wall. The funds gained through the campaign will cover a bus-trip to Greece where the activists are intending to destroy the EU border. The image above is basically a guide that explains how to remove the border in easy steps.

The activists claim that while celebrating the fall of one wall, the European Union is ignoring hundreds of people which are dying on the Southern borders of the European Union. On the 9th of November, the art-group is supposed to reach its destination - the Greek border, which they are going to demolish in order to enable refugees from Africa and the Middle East to enter Europe freely.

The Centre for Political Beauty is notorious with such actions. Recently they auctioned German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Ebay. In addition they stole 14 memorial crosses from Berlin's center, which later re-appeared in refugee settlements near Melilla - the Spanish enclave in Northern Africa.

Although the goal of the campaign was only 5.900€, around 35.000€ has so far been donated.

What is your attitude towards this sort of activism and to this act in particular? 

Would you support whis campaign?

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