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Climate change is just around the corner

Hot, rainy days are coming and there's nowhere else to go. Except, there are things we can do in order to (at least) slow this process down.

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Europe vs America

How did France rejected populism?

It seemed like a dommino effect of populism around the globe will follow after the Brexit and the election of Trump in the Oval Office. But the latest results in …

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Romanian protesters

The corrupt Romanian politicians want their country back.. from the people

Not long after the biggest protests in the history of Romania, when the Government tried to legalize some forms of corruption and release a number of inmates through an emergency …

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Macron vs Le Pen

French elections

It seems Macron is still leading the polls, but so did Clinton before losing to Trump. Who do you think will win the French elections and why?

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Over 120.000 people protested in Bucharest alone and some other 200.000 in the rest of the country

Romanian democracy and rule of law are in danger

Over 300.000 people took the streets all over the country, as one of the beneficiary of the already famous government's decrees would be the President of the Socialist Party (PSD) …

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