Eurasian Economic Union; a European or an Asian Union? Center for International Trade and Security
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It is known that the EEU was created under the auspices of Russia in order to bottle up the former Soviet states into a model similar to this of EU realising the vision of a Soviet Socialist Republics reunification. This attempt has brought about a geopolitical dilemma concerning the Eastern Partnership with the E.U, especially after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Thereby a shift has been made in the bilateral relations between European Union and Russian Federation.

By the way, this dilemma hasn’t faded away yet. Is the Eurasian Economic Union a model of engagement or a model of containment for the relations between E.U. and Russia?

Unfortunately, the European Parliament has been unofficially divided in two sides:  those who support the model of containment and those who support the model of engagement.

EEU as a model of engagement The main adherent of this model is the Socialism and Democratic Party. According to this Party, the EEU could turn out to be beneficial to the relations between E.U and Russian Federation. According to the S&D political agenda on foreign affairs, the creation of a common economic area “from Lisbon to Vladivostok” (Putin,2010) could democratically contribute to the amelioration of their relations, but only after the geopolitical problem of the illegal annexation of Crimea having been solved.

Additionally, even the European People’s Party, the Committee on Foreign Affairs, believes that this enhancement can be proved essential. EU should make further efforts in order to build up the relations with its Eastern and Southern neighbors. That’s why, the Committee stresses out the EU’s external policies to go in this direction.

Also, the model of engagement finds a positive correspondence to the European United Left/Nordic Green Left group. This political group declares that both E.U. and Russia have to thin out their gloomy past and make up their relations negotiating in a peaceful environment.

EEU as a model of containment  To begin with, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE Group) insists on the European factor rather than the Asian one. The ALDE Group has been keen on the full integrity of EU and the full implementation of the Eastern Partnership Policy through the Association Agreements and the DCFTAs as well. Once the annexation of Crimea had been done, ALDE Group became sceptic towards the Russian foreign policy, estimating that Eurasian Economic Union may be used by Russia on purpose.

To the accompaniment of this view, the European Conservatives and Reformists Party makes a reference to the rule of law and democracy. They really believe in this agreement. Therefore, ECR declares that, the EU should approach the post-Soviet states located in Eastern frontiers giving them the opportunity to become E.U. members for fear of the speculation above.

Finally, there are voices talking about a geopolitical threat on behalf of Russia to intervene and control the E.U. from the East. In any case, EU should take into serious consideration the establishment of of this economic cooperation. As for Russia, this country has to become  more democratic as soon as possible.