"Erasmus Generation" - The Series! Erasmus Generation - The Series
The Erasmus Programme will soon be glorified into a TV series.

The Erasmus phenomenon will soon be celebrated in its own dedicated TV series - "Erasmus Generation: The Series".

Cinecittà 3 has embarked on the ambitious task of portraying all the passions, emotions and adventures of Erasmus life in a fun comedy series, which will be about a bunch of students from all over Europe, as they go through hilarious and epic situations.

The goal of the series is to picture the exciting experience of Erasmus, in an entertaining way, while promoting a debate on European issues, and ultimately to help as many students as possible that dream of living the Erasmus experience through dedicated grants.


The most exciting aspect of the series is that the scriptwriters will be inspired by YOUR real-life Erasmus experiences for the scenes and situations developing in the series.

Just send over any anecdotes, stories and moments, no matter how ridiculous or crazy and the timeless moments of your life can be enshrined on film for posterity.


For anyone who has lived under a rock for the past couple of decades - Erasmus is the world’s most successful student exchange programme. Over 5 million students, from across the European continent, have studied abroad, across 4 thousand participating universities, throughout 33 countries.


The stories from the returning Erasmi are always impressive – the expressions "time of my life" and "remember it forever" come up time and again. Naturally, Erasmus has become legendary among many young Europeans and in so doing has had a tremendous effect on Europe. It has provided many opportunities and given new skills and experiences to millions of people, it has created priceless links and cultural bridges between European nations and life-long friendships. Erasmus is possibly the biggest boost to European integration on a cultural and social level.

In addition, it has created what Umberto Eco calls a "sexual revolution":

"Erasmus has created the first generation of young Europeans. I call it a sexual revolution: a young Catalan man meets a Flemish girl – they fall in love, they get married and they become European, as do their children." 

What he is referring to are the Erasmus Babies, which are expected to lead a new momentum for European integration as they grow up and especially as they enter professional and political life.

Furthermore Erasmus has expanded beyond student exchanges and evolved into the Erasmus+ programme, which provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs, scientists, sports players, teachers and academics of all ages. 


The Erasmus Phenomenon inspired Italian Film and TV Producer, Fabrizio Carlo Muscia, for his next big project, which is being developed in Cinecittà 3 (Rome). Fabrizio and the production team researched the presence of Erasmus in film and TV and were surprised to find almost no references to it, despite its huge popularity among young Europeans and its enormous effect on providing opportunities, building bridges and uniting Europe.

Fabrizio has teamed up with French producer Cedríc Gamelin (AFI 2015) in order to kick start the project. Moreover, Fabrizio approached OneEurope at the earliest stage of the development of the concept and we wholeheartedly welcomed, encouraged and promoted it.


In the “legendary” Glenomena student residence, the lives of a unique group of Erasmus students unfold before our eyes.

From the outside, "building number 5" looks like any other student dorm; but inside it is a multi-cultural melting pot of Erasmus students from all over Europe – a cauldron of passions and emotions, a tornado of epic and hilarious situations.

Through many adventures and wonderful experiences they will learn to appreciate their similarities and overcome their differences.



The ultimate goal of the "Erasmus Generation" production team is to establish grants and scholarships for worthy students who want to go on Erasmus. The funds will mostly come from the net profits of the series and will be managed and allocated with the greatest care in collaboration with the European Union institutions and the partners of the project.

In addition to OneEurope, the series already has the backing of several NGOs and over 20 of the most prestigious universities in Europe.

Moreover, the founders of the Erasmus programme have personally endorsed the series!


The European Union has been going through its greatest financial, political and social crisis - austerity and lack of growth perpetuate, far-right and far-left parties are on the rise, youth unemployment is rife, negative attitudes towards immigration (both from within and from without the EU) are growing, and disillusionment with the EU itself is at an all-time high. At the same time, the traditional purpose of the EU – Peace in Europe, is taken for granted by many within the Union.

What then is the EU's purpose in the eyes of its citizens?

The European Project needs a new vision and a new narrative - one which European citizens can understand, feel and associate with.

Freedom of movement still has legitimacy and benefits everyone, as does the concept of "United in Diversity" and the beautiful variety of Europe's amazing cultures. These aspects need to be praised and deepened.

"Erasmus Generation - The Series" comes at the right time and with a promising concept - an ambitious project celebrating the greatest single European initiative – Erasmus, which demonstrates the power of freedom of movement and of Europe's great cultures. 
"Erasmus Generation - The Series" also has the potential to become a pan-European cultural, informational and social hub in its own right and in so doing bring momentum to the European Project, a boost to social cohesion and opportunities to European youth.

As Jean Monnet, one of the EU's founding fathers once said:

"If we have to start again, we would start with culture" 

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