End Ecocide in Europe: Let’s stop the environmental destruction Zengardner

Do you know that environmental destruction is still legal? Yes, often different fines are imposed, but as the action is not itself illegal, it is easier for the big companies just to pay the penalties and not to try to avoid the destruction.

The term “ecocide” which can be defined as extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystems of a given territory was introduced in the 1970s and was supposed to be included in the United Nation list of Crimes against Peace. But it wasn’t.


This means, for example, that the bee killer Pesticide Clothianidin is still not banned. Its original purpose is to kill different insects, but it is also fatal for big bee colonies. Three years ago in Germany they treated the corn with the same pesticide, in order to protect it from the Western corn rootworm. The side effect, however, was the dead of thousands of bees.

Now, forty years after the introduction of the term “ecocide”, a group of people wants to change the law and make it a crime. In this way everyone committing an ecocide would be responsible for his actions – it doesn’t matter if it’s an individual or a big company. 

This group of people needs your help.

Launching a Citizens' Initiative

A tool created by the Lisbon Treaty - the European Citizens’ Initiative, allows all EU-nationals to set the agenda of the EU Commission. The legislative proposals should be supported by 1 million people from seven EU countries. As soon as they register, the issue will go directly in the European Commission’s agenda.

The actual registration requires some personal information, as the European Citizens’ Initiative differs from the regular petitions with the greater power it has. Interestingly, it cannot be started by an organisation. Instead seven EU citizens from seven different countries can form a “citizen’s committee” to initiate the change.

There are currently 14 open initiatives that can be explored on the site of the European Citizen’s initiative. (http://ec.europa.eu/citizens-initiative/public/initiatives/ongoing

Coming back to the proposal to end the ecocide in the European Union, we have to point out that it will actually have global effect. Although many of the companies that commit ecocide operate outside the Union, some of them are registered in the EU, so they will have to follow the prospective law.

Furthermore, the main difference between the existing EU environmental law and the proposed Ecocide Directive is that till now all elements of the environment have been looked at separately. In order to achieve better results, they have to be accepted as a whole and protected together. 

So, if you feel strong about the future of the Earth and the generations after us; if you want to make sure that they will see the nature, which we see, make sure to register your support (https://ec.europa.eu/citizens-initiative/REQ-ECI-2012-000029/public/index.do) and let the European Commission know that the EU citizens are not indifferent.