Education and Literacy: Proof of Belarus' Bright Future

Belarus is preparing for its presidential elections next month. Unlike in many other countries, elections in Belarus are not a huge event; the country seems to offer new narratives of democracy. The warning case of Ukraine, the diplomatic crises between the west and Russia, the geopolitical aspects of the “big game” on the international chessboard, left the country only one choice - the name of the game Belarus is trying to achieve is “neutrality”. The international media has always tended to focus on the negative aspects of Belarusian politics, while a lot of positive aspects about this wonderful country remain absent in the media discourse. 

The education system of the country is something every Belarusian is proud of. Thanks to the high educational standards that the country has achieved, the population is well educated and trained to overcome any challenges in order to build a better life and a brighter future for the country. The Belarusian education system is promising and very close to the so-called European standards. Statistics show a high literacy level amongst Belarusians, a testament to the country's solid policies in this area.  


Education is free at all levels, with the exception of higher education. The authorities have created a unique platform for its citizens to attend private and public schools in all the regions of the county. There are many high quality universities and schools. Medical and technical schools are equipped with excellent facilities that make studying here attractive for foreign students. The education is cheap for foreigners, compared to other European countries. More than 6,000 foreign students study in higher educational institutions in Belarus per year. All children from the age of 6 to 15 are required to receive primary and secondary education, At the end of secondary school they receive a certificate which allows them to continue their studies in higher educational institutions or to serve in the military.

The higher education system is of an outstanding quality, affordable and prestigious. Students have the chance to apply for and be granted scholarships, which makes their student life easier and more affordable, and contributes to a better quality education. Moreover international institutions such as UNESCO are involved in the development of the education system in the county through various programmes and policies aiming at strengthening the quality of education in Belarus.

UNESCO has recently published its latest report on the literacy rate for the year 2015 where Belarus has been rated 99,84 % for young generation, 99.73 % for 15+ years old citizens. According to the CIA World Factbook, the data for 2014 shows that the literacy level in Belarus is on the 24th place, higher than many EU countries.

The country's success in the field of education highlights the value that Belarus can add to Eastern Europe and the broader international community. The key to unlocking the country's great potential is its talented and hard-working population.