A peculiar feature of Generation Y is that their demands are significantly higher than those of their predecessors. These are demands for a better quality of life, a good education, a developed society, a stable labor market, but also - demands to themselves. Why do they want more? Simply because they dare to work for more. They are the most educated generation in history, but are also trapped in the labyrinth of  the Eurocrisis. Disappointed in the authorities, Generation Y finds its own ways to handle the problems it faces.

The tradition of youth movements in Europe has a long history: some of the most influential and popular European youth organisations AEGEE, JEF and AIESEC originate from 1985, 1949 and 1948 respectively. Ever since then, the youth activism stage is growing rapidly and attracting more determined and enthusiastic young people.

In this section OneEurope will introduce various youth initiatives - the well-known and established ones, as well as the up-and-coming ones. You will have a chance to discover interesting projects, explore exciting campaigns, meet youth leaders and participate in the debate.

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