With a number of conflicts boiling on our doorstep and a wide region near Europe in turbulence and transition, providing a void for terrorist groups to roam unabated, the issue of security, and the debate on interventionism, are growing.

Moreover the Eurocrisis has forced our governments to cut budgets significantly, raising the question of how we can down-size the hefty military spending... but without compromising security.

Here you can find opinions and analysis by experts, as well as discussions by all of us, the European citizens, on all of these issues.  

What are the challenges and the conflicts of the 21-st c. and how can we respond to them?

How can we make a leaner, more cost-effective military, without compromising security? Should the EU develop a common Security Force? If so, how can it be achieved?  Also what can the EU do about the terrorism cells that are rapidly growing and are threatening safety and human lives across Europe?

What do YOU think?