OneEurope has launched a debate on the future of Ukraine, in order to give a voice to young Ukrainians and other Europeans interested in EuroMaidan.

We believe that TOGETHER, we can raise awareness, grow a debate, and find solutions to the challenges facing Ukraine.

Here you can find videos, images, articles, opinions, statistics, and caricatures about Ukraine, from the perspective of young Europeans.

Watch history happen, as the largest country entirely on the European continent, embarks on a European path. It will no doubt be a long and difficult journey, with many political, economic and social challenges facing Ukraine, and many likely obstacles due to arise. However, with our combined ideas, we can find solutions and navigate our way through them.

The journey to stability, prosperity and Europe has just started for Ukraine. BE A PART OF IT by contributing to the debate with your articles and comments, and by raising awareness and sharing the pieces you find most interesting.

Are you in Ukraine? Or are you in the EU and passionate about the journey of the Ukrainians? YOU can also contribute to this debate, by sending your pictures, videos and articles to