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Brexit: to be, or not to be?

British EU Referendum: Downing Street confirmed in May 2015 that Britons will be asked to vote on whether they wish ‘to remain a member of the European Union’.

The Greek Crisis and the EU: a turmoil avoided(?)

How possible is Grexit and what are its consequences for Europe?

Women's Rights in Europe

Despite advances and a leading position in the world in developing Women's Rights, Europe still has a long way to go.

OneEurope University Insight

University experiences and stories from OneEuropeans

The European Immigration Issue

Immigration in Europe

Green Energy in Europe

All you want to know about the perspectives of Europe's renewable energy resources

Youth Activism in Europe

Discover European youth initiatives and meet young leaders which are creating the Europe of tomorrow!

EuroMaidan - The Journey to Democracy, Prosperity and Europe

Join the Debate, Make History Happen and BE A PART OF THE JOURNEY!

European Integration

Discussions and content related to the European Unification

Fighting Unemployment across the Continent

Employment as a key to solving the crisis - right? So then what to do? And what not? Which are the levers to pull, which the key problems to address?