Debate with us: Croatia and the EU Nicolas Raymond, hriemdlor (remixed)
Croatia: Now officially a member of the EU

On this day, we celebrate the accession of Croatia to the EU.  The addition of a new member, brings many changes, opportunities, and challenges to Europe and the Balkans.

In order to assess the possible benefits and dangers that will occur during this new relationship we have launched a new Debate on Croatia in the EU. Have a look on this new Debate here! This debate covers series of articles by Europeans from across the continent, different views, analysis and opinions, as well as statistics and infographics on this important event.

You can get involved in the debate too, by contributing a text, by sharing those articles that you support, or by commenting under them, and getting involved in the discussions. 

Photo Credits: EU Flag by hriemdlor via deviantart merged with Croatia Grunge Flag by Nicolas Raymond via flickr