Daily problems of an EU citizen in the UK Wikimedia Commons
A nocturnal view along East Street, Bedminster

Our writer, Yuliya Kosharevska, together with her teammate, Elena Martinez, have realised an appealing media package for the Broadcast module in the Journalism course in the University of the West of England in Bristol. The first result of their work is concretised by a radio piece that unveils a story related to the way the European nationals are treated in the UK.

Sainsbury’s is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK, but its inner regulations are indirectly discriminating against other EU nationals that are non UK nationals. The story adopted a local angle (Bedminster - Bristol), and aimed to depict a balanced vision between both the Sainsbury’s perspective and that of dr. Rick Ball who is lecturing EU Law in the University of the West of England.

Despite the efforts, they didn’t get the chance to ask Sainsbury’s all their questions. In Yuliya's words:

"a good piece of Journalism is supposed to give answers to more questions than it raises. However, our project with Elena probably does exactly the opposite: it raises a question that no one else has raised and that indeed is also one of the valuable tools of the profession we have decided to pursue."

Listen the story here: