Behind the smoke!
An anti-smoking campaign in Brussels.
Earlier in this year, Bulgaria had joined the anti-smoking club by passing a law prohibiting smoking in all public places, a law that was suggested in 2010 and in this year it became activ. Along with other EU countries who had passed the same law, like UK, Romania, Latvia and Belgium, It keeps raising questions about how effectiv it is, and does those measures are enough? In Romania for example, 37% of youth with ages between 15 and 24 are smokers, in the EU the percent is 35, it causes the death of 650.000 people each year in the EU. Even though the antismoking laws and diffrent campaigns are trying to reduce the number of smokers, it’s still up to the persons decision, rather he smokes or not, and people stills smoke, and passive smoking is doing its effect too! It have been many efforts to from health organisations and government institutes to fight this habit, from passing laws of restricting somkeing in diffrent places, raising taxes over the tobacco companies, to forbidding advertising those products in the media, even modifying the design of the pack of cigarettes, by adding warnings in black and white and some pictures of lung and skin diseases that are trying to “scare” the consumer. And since Columbus first stumbled on American Indians smoking rolled-up tobacco, many companies have turned a profit from selling cigarettes, with profits over 33 billion Euros every year. All of his banning and restricting measures haven’t really affect the companies earnings, even though the volume of cigarettes sold, which is already on the decline in many Western European markets, and the crisis are hitting the companies too and the sales are down, wich made them focus on the third-world markets. And it raise a question: will Europe burn the tobacco profits? While some says it is not a big deal, and we should focus on other more important issues, and it will affect the tobacco companies that are ironically make a part of the economy, and as a result will effect the stores, gas stations and other selling points by making a loss in their profits , on the other hand, the anti-smoking supporters say that we should increase our effort by using much “terrifying” pictures on the packs, raise the taxes and prices of them, and support campaigns and programs for quitting smoking. Between the pros and anti, I’m personally antismoking, but in the same time, I am with the personal liberty to smoke, because it is back to the person and his will for that, and if it dose not kill you, certainly something else will do, but i’m worried about the prices for the smokers because tere are too damn high! But seriously what concerns me the most is the effect of the passive smoking over the non-smokers, wich has confirmed its effect with several studies and research. And here is the bigger question: Does the EU had done enough for fighting this “problem”? or should it make even more severe measures?