team.pngWe would like to further develop this platform with more content that includes different political positions about Europe and the EU, captivates a broader audience emotionally and involves them more directly in the editorial work through a more interactive website. Generally we aim to raise our editorial standard closer to respected professional media.

plant.png We are driven by the ambition to reach these goals, to create a new type of interactive platform that understands the needs of Europeans today. As founders, the success of OneEurope is a very dear matter to us.

We know what we want to build, we have extensive knowledge of the European web, and the European civil society scene. We have experience in outreaching communications, public relations and media. We also hold the technical and design knowledge to closely guide the development of a more advanced online platform. However, there is one cornerstone still missing - we need partners who can help us finance more comprehensive steps into this direction. 

Would you like to support a growing, idealistic and ambitious European platform?  

We are open to discussing all aspects in detail, the level of support, what it will be used for and the conditions of your support. We can e-mail, talk on the phone, have an audio-conference, a video-conference, or even meet in person so you can get a real impression of us.

You can contact us through mail ( or call us directly at  0049 170 473 6659 , or if you prefer to leave us your number in an e-mail we will call you back.

It would mean a lot to have your support at this crucial time for OneEurope and for Europe!

Yours sincerely,

Cherian Grundmann,