About the Voting Guide: AEGEE

In the light of the upcoming European elections, European Students’ Forum (AEGEE) in the framework of the Y Vote 2014 Project has created a Voting Guide  which is now available online.  The guide is made by young people for young people – voters, and it is aimed at raising their knowledge on different aspects of the EU, voting procedures, European political groups and parties, as well as giving an insight in parties’ election programmes, promises and vision for the future of Europe.

The Voting Guide consists of five parts - the first describes how the EU works, what is the competence of each European institution and suggests how to get in touch with the EU. The second part focuses specifically on the European Parliamentary Elections 2014 and explains importance of one’s vote. The third section tries to draw a line between European political groups and European political parties.

The next, fourth part of the Voting Guide includes interviews with representatives of each European Political Group. This set of questions & answers provides voters with important information that could help them to make a voting decision in the elections since politicians give their position on such topics as youth unemployment, education, EU integration and further enlargement, and other issues. Last but not least, the fifth block points out on the eligibility and voting procedure, with an emphasis on voting for those who do not reside in the country of residence.

The Y Vote 2014 Project Team hopes that you find this Voting Guide useful and it will facilitate more informed and responsible youth votes! Take from the Voting Guide what you need, and share it farther.

You can also follow our activities and receive more information on the EP 2014 elections via Twitter @YVote14 and Facebook.