OneEurope is one of the largest European citizens' media. We are completely independent, non-partisan and non-profit. We do not dependent on any funding directly or indirectly, from the European Union or any other institutions and organisations.

We are a grass-root organisation, created and still managed entirely by volunteers.

Our mission is to raise awareness on relevant issues of Europeans, encourage debates on key topics, give a voice to citizens, stimulate freedom of speech in Europe, provide opportunities to Europeans, build bridges and connections between cultures. 

In order to achieve this, OneEurope usually publishes daily new articles, infographics and videos, created by more than 200 volunteers from all over the Europe, and reaches above 30,000 unique visitors every month and over 25,000 followers across our Social Media Platforms. OneEurope is completely non-partisan and has no political line, or agenda. We provide a platform for people to express their views. Therefore all views expressed are those of the writers and not of the organisation. (Articles, infographics and videos, with racist, sexist, homophobic, agist, or other discriminatory content will not be published.)


OneEurope inevitably has some running costs and in order to remain independent they are covered through donations by our readers and supporters, as well as by patrons  and adverts.

None of us are paid a salary. All donations and proceeds from advertisements are re-invested back into OneEurope. 


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OneEurope started as a Facebook group, created in the summer of 2011, at the height of the Eurocrisis. We wanted to create a strong movement for trans-European debate and exchange of ideas. Many people heard about the group through word-of-mouth and hundreds joined within a few days. We channeled this potential into the media platform OneEurope.

From then on OneEurope took its own momentum. Webdesigners volunteered to create a website, Bloggers and Journalists offered to write articles and many other volunteers started helping out with Editing, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Marketing and many other roles .


Apart from this website you can follow us on our Newsletter, our Facebook Page, our Twitter account, on GooglePlus, Pinterest Account and our LinkedIn Page

Today OneEurope has over 200 volunteers  covering almost every country on the European continent (as well as some countries from other continents), over 25,000 followers on our Social Media platforms and over 30,000 unique visitors every month on our website.


OneEurope's purpose is to continuously increase the size and engagement of our readers and gain more and more influence in the public debate on the future of Europe as a non-partisan journalistic media. We are developing tools for more direct involvement of our readership community and we are looking for partnerships with projects or organizations who communicate European topics in a more emotionally captivating manner. 
In April 2016 OneEurope has held a week-long seminar for 30 participants from different European countries on this topic in Berlin as an opportunity for us and our partner organisations to develop more ideas in this direction. "Captivating Europe" has been funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. 

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Join us on our journey as a reader, follower, or volunteer, help advance the understanding of European democracy!