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A skill was translated to success

This interview was first published in One Europe Greece

Interview held by Yiannis Piliouras and Athanasios-Leonidas Asimakopoulos

Juvenes Translators is an annual translation contest for 17-year old students.

The 2014 contest took place on 27 November. Greek Winner, Athanasios Kyriakidis answers our questions about Europe, his story and the way he sees his future:

1. How did you decide to take part in the contest and who or what has motivated you?

We were informed by our English Language teacher, Mrs. Arapoglou.  She explained the whole procedure to us and we had some introductory lessons to the basic principles of translation. A good friend and classmate, Eftichia urged me to participate, as I was rather hesitant at first.

2. What do you think of the EU? Do you feel European? What would you like to change?

For me, the European Union is more than an economic and political partnership among the European countries. It is an institution that aims at the unification of the people that live in Europe. Of course I feel European and I am proud of being one. I would like the European Union to constantly prove its respect for the right of all its citizens to live a decent life.

3. What are your plans about your future studies and which occupation would you like to have? Would you like to study abroad or will you choose to stay in Greece for your studies?

I would like to study interior architecture. As for the future, to tell you the truth, I am not absolutely sure about exactly what I would like to do, but something directly related to what I have studied. Yes, I would like to study abroad, and I would like to get to know the whole Europe.

4.  You are half-Greek and half-Polish. Do you think that these 2 countries have anything in common? What do your Polish friends think of the situation in Greece?

Yes, my mother is from Poland. To be honest, Polish people are very different, they have different habits and a different way of life. They find Greece to be a very beautiful country and they love the Greek's spontaneity and overall mentality.  

Edited by Catalina Ghelan