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Should the European Union become a European Federation of Nation States?

And if each European Nation was a Member State in a European Federation? In my perspective Europe would have lot to gain if this happens. I am in favor of the independence of Scotland, Catalonia and all of the other European nations that strive for their independence, but this must happen only if the people truly want this, not just because some politicians are trying to get more power. 

Since the Eurocrisis also the eurosceptic movements won a new breath, but this can be more worrying than the separatist movements, because the separatists want to be part of one United Europe - they want to collaborate.

Many authors and politicians are calling for further integration. Some of them even propose that the European Union needs to be more than a supranational organization - that it should become a Federation - a United States of Europe.

The European Union grew too fast in the last decades, with an entrance of many new Members-States in the east that needed a lot of help. This did not permit the consolidation of the weak Southern member states, which joined the EU first. With the recent crisis, the Southern countries did not have the strength to survive alone and they asked for money which brought along austerity.

The nationalist movements had space to grow quickly while the trust in the EU fell equally fast. People lost their faith in the European Union because they became used to receiving many benefits from it, but now the popular opinion is that austerity is the fault of the European institutions. Many of the political parties in the opposition started to campaign against the austerity imposed by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor.

These showed that the European Union does not have cohesion between its Member States, and this factor also helped to decrease solidarity between European countries. Some Northern countries, such as Finland, did not want to help the countries of the South, such as Portugal (these two countries had a “movie fight” about this matter, the Portuguese YouTube movie  and the Finnish response.

With the Scottish referendum almost upon us, all Europeans are expecting to see what the position of the European Union will be. If the "YES" campaign wins, Europe will not be the same, the separatist movements will gain new strength to their cause and the EU can be divided in parts. If the “YES” campaign wins and the EU does not accept Scotland as a new Member State, when other separatists regions claim their independence they will create a new European organization, apart from the EU, from where they can have benefits as those who had in the European Union.

In light of this, the best option for Europe is to turn into a Federation. One Federation where each European Nation is represented with same rights and duties, creating in this way a European Federation of Nation States. This will permit one united Europe under the same rules, because the problem of these separatist movements is not with the European Union - it is with their own States, they want to be independent but they want to still take part in this big European family, that also they helped to build.

It will not be easy, the Member States are afraid to give more power and lose more sovereignty, but if the States do not let the European Union grow to this new stage, the EU will fail. Now with the Russian bear in the east and the Islamic State in the Middle East, we do not need a divided Europe again.