A European Christmas Calendar put together by 40 young Europeans from 28 nations
Christmas in Europe

This December a very special event is taking place. Under the umbrella of the Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA), young people from all over Europe share their favourite Christmas stories, recipes, songs, videos and more in an advent calendar-blog in a bid to collect donations and raise money for Ukraine Charity.

More than 40 young adults from 28 nations, all of them dear friends and peers, met in the course of our voluntary involvement with BETA and its partners. The group has enthusiastically accepted our invitation to take us on a festive journey across their respective countries. Starting on December the 1st and running each day through until the 24th December, our volunteer writers celebrate and embrace the EU motto of “United in Diversity” by presenting their very own Christmas stories on betachristmas.wordpress.com.

We've created this Advent Calendar not only to share the enjoyment of European Christmas traditions with you, but more importantly to draw attention to our blog so we can raise funds for those who have been deprived of any chance of  joyful celebrations with their families this Christmas. The funds raised will support those less fortunate children in crisis torn areas who have no home to live in, let alone the presents and festivities that the rest of us will be enjoying. We will do this with the help and co-operation of Ukraine Charity, a UK-based volunteer-run charity that are helping the orphans and underprivileged children of Ukraine.

Let us spread the joy of Christmas time together!

See the BETA Christmas Advent Calendar here: betachristmas.wordpress.com

About BETA e. V.

Bringing Europeans Together Association is a European, politically independent, non-profit association which promotes international understanding by implementing political simulations of European Union decision making called the Model European Union (MEU).

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