Cretan Diet Festival 2014 in Rethymnno

Born from the combination of two successful events - the “Wine & Traditional Products Festival” and the “Agro-Tourism” - the Cretan Diet Festival represents one of Rethymno's most awaited Summer top events.

From June 27th until July 5th, a rich program of events will gladden the warm evenings of tourists and Cretan people of all ages, letting them know the many benefits of the Cretan diet through the tasting of delicious fresh food and wines.

The protagonists of the festival will be the local producers showing their typical products and explaining their many healthy qualities: numerous scientific studies have in fact shown the benefits related to longevity and deceleration of ageing derived from the consumption of Cretan food products, such as olive oil, fresh fruits, rough cereals and endemic wild herbs and plants.

During these days, the rich programme of the festival will include numerous interactive workshops involving the public in the preparation of home made jam or cheese pies, a wide variety of children recreational activities to let them learn the positive effects of a healthy life style by playing, and, eventually, dancing and music performances by Cretan and Greek artists coming from all Greece, playing the Cretan lyre and bouzouki, as well as alternative music.

The full programme of the festival can be found here.

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