20 and Revolutionizing the Way Doctors Work
Delian Asparouhov

“Move on from the paper and clipboard to a modern digital solution.” We see slogans like this every now and then and sometimes I really am skeptical about the products behind them! Do we really need to throw away all of our notebooks? Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that life is funnier with a notebook in your hand than with a tablet!

Nightingale, however, got my respect from the very first moment. The aim of the app is to help people with autism and to help their doctors optimize and synchronize the information they use. Patients will never forget to take their medicines again and doctors will find it easier to manage the information load. Making it easier for them to recognize the different symptoms and what works well with each patient. 

Nightingale vol 2.0 was just released: “Initially with the first alpha schools that were using Nightingale we built very customized applications for every program. Over the course of several months we realized that therapists’ largest gripe with current digital solution was their complexity and lack of customizability,” says the founder of the start-up Delian Asparouhov.

He is just 20 years old, he was born in Bulgaria, but grew up in the USA. “Deep inside I am Bulgarian,” he admits. Everything started when his grandmother came to visit him in the USA and it appeared that she had cancer. Delian saw the whole healthcare process from a patient’s perspective and wanted to use his IT skills to help the doctors perform their jobs better. Soon the idea for Nightingale was born! 

Last year Delian was among the 20 people under 20 years old who won $100 000 from Peter Thiel to drop out of school and receive mentorship to fulfill their projects. The very beginning was the hardest bit in his journey. “It was hard to move from 0 to 1, because I had no idea what will actually be useful to the doctors. It is much easier to reach from 1 to 2," he says.

Everyone can access the app from around the world. Delian and his team are preparing for their next adventures, and with the enthusiasm they have, it seems that nothing is impossible.  

Edited by: Gareth Bell